Traveling to Japan

I have officially arrived in Japan! I don’t know too about my surroundings right now because it was dark when arrived.  But, it is cherry blossom season now and I can’t wait to go exploring soon!

The travels were very smooth for the most part.  I departed Austin at 6:00am and flew to Dallas. I had a three-hour layover at DFW, but it flew by because I was calling friends and family to say goodbye.  I am very excited about my new life in Japan, but those phone calls were pretty difficult.

I then flew JAL from DFW to Narita – a 14 hour flight. With a few naps and three movies, we were already landing at Narita. Fortunately, the custom and immigration lines were not long and I was quickly greeted from a volunteer from TUFS (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies.)  He was so helpful!  He guided me to the bus that would take me to TUFS.  I had time to exchange money and then I was off on a two-hour bus ride.

AND after all of that, I have finally arrived at my apartment.  More pictures of my apartment, the city, and my university soon!  But now, sleep!


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