As part of the MEXT Scholarship, I am required to be enrolled in an intensive Japanese Language Program before I begin studying at Kunitachi College of Music.  IMG_6541So, I am studying at Tokyo University of Foreign Studies in Fuchu, Tokyo, Japan.  The university has the international students studying at the JLC, Japanese Language Center. Here I will take Japanese language and cultural courses to help me in my research at Kunitachi.

The university provides housing for all of the international students; so I actually live on campus.  It kind of feels like I am freshman all over again! The apartment is quite small (only 160-ish square feet!), but it is totally functional. It’s just a bit, shall we say, “cozy.”  I have a bed, desk, shelves, small kitchen, a bathroom, and a balcony.  surprisingly, nothing is too small for this tall American.

The best part about the apartment is the balcony.  Right now is cherry blossom season (さくら=Sakura) and the view is incredible!


Before school begins we have many orientation sessions to attend and diagnostic exams to take.  Very, very busy already!  Here we go!



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