First Week!

Well, it has officially been one week of school!  I can honestly say that I’ve never studied more in my entire life…well, maybe except for DMA Comps!


MEXT Research Students

The first two days were orientation meetings and Japanese Language Diagnostic exams.  Nothing to exciting, but it’s nice to meet and spend time with all of the MEXT Research Students.  Everyone is so interesting! No one else is from America and no one else is studying music.  Here is a picture of some of us for our first lunch together.  These students are from Bosnia (Art), Poland (Contemporary Art), Lebanon (Environmental Conservation), Turkey (Design), and Brazil (Oceanography).

I tested into Intermediate Japanese – Level 200.  So, I am basically picking up where I left off from my studies at The University of Texas.  The class is quite difficult, but my Japanese is slowly coming back to me.  Most of the classes are taught exclusively in Japanese with very little English. (Generally reserved for when we are really confused.) In the first seven days of classes, we have covered almost two chapters of material.  Can’t wait to see where my Japanese will be by the end!

Even though we are not degree seeking students here at TUFS they included us as a part of their Entrance Ceremony.  The ceremony opened with the choir singing the school song and was followed by a few speakers.  We stood up, bowed, and sat back down many, many times. Not sure what was being said most of the time, but it was very cool to be apart of the ceremony.


Orientation Ceremony

Well, back to the books!  More later!!


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