Cherry Blossom Viewing (はなみ)

This time of year is very famous in Japan because the sakura (さくら) trees are blooming! This year, most of the trees bloomed very late and I was able to be here during the “peak viewing” time! I can’t believe I was this lucky!


During this season, it is common for people to be outside enjoying the cherry blossoms.  Many plan parties, festivals, or other gatherings outside near, or under, these trees.  The blossoming of the trees not only signifies the start of Spring and the growing season, but also the start of the Japanese school and fiscal year.  While I didn’t attend any festivals or parties, I did go for many walks, runs, and bike rides through Tokyo.  Every time.  Absolutely breathtaking!

Can’t wait for next year – I will do so much more exploring!

More Photos Below:


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