Got a Job!

After only being in Japan for one month, I already have a part-time job!  I am now a Private English Instructor for Cosmopolitan Village Inc.  cosmoAs an instructor, I will be traveling to families homes and teach mostly “light courses.”  These courses focus more on conversational and everyday English learning away from a textbook.  The company’s motto is “Home+Smile=Natural.”  In most cases, I will be teaching entire families splitting the time with the children and the parents.  I’m excited to get back to teaching!

The process of getting a part-time in Japan was not nearly as complicated as I thought it would be.  Once I arrived in Japan, I had to go to the Tokyo Immigration Office in Tachikawa and IMG_6646apply for my work visa. This was a simple form where they asked for my contact information and copies of my passport and residence card.  Nothing more!  They told me to come back in three weeks after my paperwork was processed and get my residence card stamped with a work visa.  This is very unlike America, because international students cannot work outside of the university they attend.  Very happy to have the opportunity to teach and make a little bit of extra money to explore Japan/Asia!

As far as finding the job, there is a website called “Gaijin Pot” (Gaijin=Foreigner) that has a classified sections.  There are quite a few English teaching positions on there and you can apply through their portal.  However, this website is very popular and hundreds of applications are sent in for every job.  So, I was quite lucky when I got an interview for one!  There was a Skype interview and then an in person interview, where I was offered the job!

Well, I’ve got orientation/training on Saturday and need to finish reading the manual!  I start teaching next weekend!



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