Climbed Mt. Fuji!

Last week, I climbed Mt. Fuji! It was an absolutely incredible experience! We climbed at night in order to see the sunrise from the top. No picture or description can accurately replicate the view or the experience!

While waiting at the bus station, we met a young woman named Edel, who was from the UK and was traveling through Japan.  Then on the bus we sat by Toby and Amy, who were from the UK as well, but are currently living in Tokyo as English teachers. We all got along quite well, so we decided to climb together! Can’t imagine doing it with any other group of people.

New Friends to Climb Mt. Fuji

I like to think that I’m in relatively good shape and I thought the ascent would not be too bad.  However, the climb was a humbling experience and was a little more difficult than I thought.  Not impossible, but definitely not easy! We climbed Mt. Fuji in about 4 1/2 hours and arrived at the top at 1:30am. It was below zero and the sunrise wasn’t for three more hours. We are now very, very COLD!! We all huddled in the back of a truck with a tarp over us to try to stay warm…didn’t help.  For about three hours, I couldn’t feel most of my body and was pretty miserable.

BUT, then…sunrise!  And it was all worth it!


Sunrise at the Top of Mt. Fuji

There was something so magnificent about having just climbed this iconic mountain and seeing the day begin from above the clouds.  The colors, the air, the feelings…it was all so incredible.

After the sun had fully risen, I then hiked around the crater at the top to get a picture with the sign that says, “You’ve made it to the top!”


The world is an amazing place!! Can’t wait for the next adventure!

A few more pictures:


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